Monday, February 1, 2010

Best Real Gay Stories

1-My father fucked me

Hi, my name is josh. I am 28 years old now. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. It all began when my mother was visiting my sister in Australia with my sister and two brothers with her. I and my father Peter who is 59 years old didn’t go as we stayed in our jobs.

I am smooth guy about 82 kg and 8 inch cut cock, big balls and hairy ass. I have seen my father a lot of times in his boxers or shorts and he was so charming man. Nice round belly with some hair on it, big breast and big rounded nipples. His tits were as woman tits as he moved or run they were up and down as woman tits. He has nice hairy legs and arms which were very strong and big and a moustache which is really amazing. I have seen his ass before twice may be and it was big hairy round one, I seen it while changing before swimming and never saw his cock and balls before.

One day after work I was laying in my room tub filled with soap and water and relaxing after a long day at work as the weekend came in. while there I heard my father comes from work also and he same as me like to shower after work before doing anything. I heard him in his room preparing to get shower, minutes later I heard him speaking with the repairman about a problem in his tub. The repair man came after may be 10 minutes and after a while he was leaving with disappointing voice of my lovely father as the man told him that he will fix it on Monday which means after 3 days. After a little time my dad in my room I told him I am here in the tub he came in and he was in his white bathrobe. We chatted a little and I asked him about the prob. In his tub and he was very sad when I told him I was just here and still needs a lot of time and don’t mind if you would come in with me as it can take both of us despite his big bear body. He hesitated at first then he agreed but he told me that he will be in naked and I told him I am naked also dad we are both men. Then my dad removed his bathrobe and he was all naked standing there with the biggest thick cock in the planet and balls which are as 1.5 of tennis balls. His cock was cut and about 2 inches then but so thick. I tried to imagine how it will be when his cock is rock hard mmmmm, and now I understand why my dad never wear a Speedo as his balls will not fit in without being clear noticed as he had hard on there in the beach or swimming pools which could embarrass him.

I get hard on thinking about my dad cock and big balls so I tried to calm down as we began chatting as we both were in the tub now relaxing speaking and soaping our bodies. After both of us were ready we stand up and to remove the soap and get out from the tub, as we both were standing naked there my dad surprised me as he did have a hard on and what a cock he had as I starred in at and then dad had his nice laugh and told me it is 9 inches and yes very thick one. I get hard on seeing me father cock like that and my father speaking that way. We then get back to removing the soap as dad but his hand on my ass and told me he removed some soap from there. But he didn’t remove it as he played with my ass a little and he was moaning high and stroking his cock and saying please son let me fuck you. I was shocked from that and told him lets dry and get out from here and see. We dried our bodies and we were both sitting at my bed as my dad came over me hugged me and began cuddling and kissing me and oh my god I love it so much as I give him back the hug.

We were like that for more than 15 minutes may be as he asked me to get on a 69 position and we were both sucking each other and we both were hard. He then rimmed my ass and lubes it and gets some lube on his cock as he began entering me and it was my first time. I couldn’t take it at first but he persisted and after 5 minutes he was all on and began soft fucking before increasing his base and then he was fucking as fast as he can. Then he was out and moved me on my four and re-continued fucking me, he love to change positions every 5 minutes and after may be 20 minutes of hard fucking he get it out of my open ass and get it in my mouth and fucked my face as he cum there and what a big load it was all over my face which I bet 3 men can’t reach as half as he cum and yes he has big balls so he has to shot big load.

After that we changed position as I rimmed his ass and lubed it before fucking him hard and deep and he was in his belly with me on top of him. I fucked him as he pigged me for more and more and fucked him fast and deep as I can and when I was closing I get fucked him in his mouth and shoot my load on his face and he loved every moment of it.

We then slept a little and after we wake up we eat dinner and resumed our sex night as we were fucking sex machines that night and we still had it every time we were alone.

It is real story and no fiction in it.

2-My Grandpa Friend Fucked Me

This story is completely real that happened between me and my grandpa friend. My name is Michael, I am the author of this site. I am 27 years old, 85 kg, 8 inch cut cock and normal ball size.
My grandpa friend Rob is 61 years old, bearded, 105 kg, 9 inch cut cock with big size balls.
It all start one Day when i was supposed to visit him to fix his computer, I was to visit him at 3pm that day but I had nothing to do so i visited him about 1pm. I knocked the front door but no response though i heard some voices in the house, i opened the door and entered then i went upstairs and went to his computer room and i was shocked to see Rob standing all naked jerking off with a condom on his cock and watching gay porno ‘he was watching the great movie Hot Tub Tormentor’. He was all embarrassed and shocked and afraid from me knowing that he was gay. I told him it is ok he is gay and that he is and he had to be no shame of his sexuality, he was a bit relaxed to hear me saying that. I get horny seeing his big hairy fat ass and his shocking big cock and big balls and his cock was also so thick. I get a boner immediately and then told him i am gay too and you couldn’t imagine the expression that appeared on his face he was so happy and thanking. He then went downstairs and unlocked the doors and he was still naked then he returned up again and told me lets go to the tub in his bedroom. He undressed me and we get both on the tub and we were kissing then he rimmed my ass deep with his tongue and he played with my hole with his fingers and he continued rimming my ass and fisting it for at least 20 minutes and god i didn’t want him to stop doing that. Then he sucked my cock a little before i began sucking his big cock and it was so thick then it was all hard. He then get me on my back and he entered my open ass with his rock hard cock and after a while he was all in and began fucking me deep and fast as he can and he continued that while he was also stroking my cock. I was all horny and in another world. We then get out of the floor in the bath room and went to his big size bed and he began face fucking me and he did that for a while before he get me on mu four and rimmed my ass for a while before he re continued fucking me again and he was doing it really fast and he was fucking me bareback and after a good fast fucking he shot in my ass his big load then he took his cock out and began licking the cum in my ass and he was doing that in a horny fucking way that i loved every moment of it. I needed to shot off now so i face fucked him hard and then shoot in his mouth and he swallowed most of it that was in his mouth. He did get horny and his cock was growing again so i sucked it very hard before he get me on my back again and he fucked my ass another time and this once get so long of fucking me then i get on top of him and he continued the fucking while i was playing with his big hairy breast and his nipples. He was ready to cum then and he stand up and shoot a very big load on my body. We rested a little before we showered together and then i fixed his pc get dressed and went home.
We still meet and what a horny man he is as he is always horny and wanting my ass mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


  1. this is blair baby and i have a true story for you about me and my nephew if you want it he was 14 when we first had sex and he was married and i still fuck him when we see each other

    1. Blair
      You have relations with your nephew like I do with my stepbrother. I fucked him when he was eleven and I was seventeen we secretly fucked for five years with out his mom or my dad not knowing. we are now living together as roomate in my house and he wants to get married in Maryland making it legal. We been lovers ten years now.

  2. I"m not married or have any brothers but have a godson who I treat as a son and I was 39 and he was 8 when he liked to see me naked and me with him to. I first sucked him in the bath and showed hi how fathers love their sons. Now today he is my lover after 12 years, it was the best thing we did despuite his age back then.