Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Caught by Grandpa

Caught by grandpa;
Hello every one this is a real story that happened between me and my grandpa. Me Khalid 25 years old about 94 kg 180 cm. My grandpa George 71 years old about 100 kg and 180 cm. He have a nice bear with some white hair on it. Nice round belly knowing that i never saw him naked bear or even semi naked.
All began when i was visiting him as he lives alone after my grandpa died years ago. We planned for me to stay at him home for the whole week as i was off from job due to seasonal holiday.
All the first day went as normal as could be we chatted for a long time about everything, night came in we had dinner then he told me he is going to sleep. I heard the shower is his room on and knew he was showering as always before he sleeps. I logged to his pc and began using the internet and was shocked to the sites stored in his favourites as it was all gay. I am gay myself but never thought grandpa would have this secret after his 71 years as he never or for me never looked more than a man who looks at women tits and pussies. I get to his profile on one of the sites he is a member in and found that he likes incest sex and wishes he could ever do it with one of his grandsons. I as was sure my grandpa is sleeping now i get all my clothes off and began stroking my cock who is by the way 6 inches and so thick and cut. After several minutes  i was surprised by a pictures of grandpa fully naked and posing on his bed room, i found them in his hard drive. Seeing all that posing of grandpa and what a cock he has may be 7 inches and thick too i was shooting my cum on myself.
I was moaning and moaning when i hand pressed on my shoulder and he was grandpa, i was a bit confused as i was naked with cum on my belly and his nude pictures on the pc screen. i still with no movement and all the way silent as he came in front of me he bent down and what an amazing feeling as he began licking the cum on my belly. he then kissed me on my mouth and i replied to him and then he asked we go to his room.
we went upstairs to his room he laid on his back and me went to his cock and began sucking it he was moaning in a crazy way he was really enjoying it we then get into 69 position and he is a really good sucker my grandpa. i then turned him on his belly and began rimming his clean asshole and amazing it was my first time and i really enjoyed rimming i used my tongue so deep and eat his hole and all the hair around it with my mouth as that get me so horny and i was turning around from eating his hole to fingering it and meanwhile jerking his big fat cock. i continued that for about 20 minutes and my grandpa was all the way horny and moaning loud as he began cumming one of the biggest shoots i ever seen.
after that he begged me to fuck him as his ass hole was already open by my fingers i did fucked him doggy style riding him and fucking him deep and fast untill i was ready to cum i turned him on his back and shoot it on his tits.we rested a little bit get a shower together and then sleeped on the same bed.

well, the next day morning is another story that i will publish it on part 2 of my grandpa series.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Daddy bear fucks a chubby dad

this movie is of a two work mates who fuck each other in a business trip. enjoy

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My father showering

hello every one. this is a new real story that i had received from a friend describing me how hot his dad is.
hello every body my name is Osama i am 21 years old skinny guy. 
my father name is Issa he is a school teacher and he is about 53 years old 85 kg. he is a bear man with 
a hot mustache nice round belly.
one day we were alone at home and he said i am going to shower and i know he always shower with his
room bath open. after 5 minutes i heard the water splashes and so knew he was all naked and showering now. i reached the door of the bath and he was all naked and soaping him self with all his back view exposed to me and what a hot big hairy ass he have. i was all horny and somehow distracted by his ass. i then called dad and began to open silly objects with him just to stay as long as i can and see his cock and balls. he continued showering and i was all in a hell and began playing with my cock. he then finished showering and still i didn't saw his cock so i waited until he get out of the tub and he was all in front of me with his 2cm small uncut cock and small rounded balls with black hair covering them. he dried him self and for my surprise he didn't try to cover or to dress up. he walk out to his room and called me in and he shocked me when he said to me that if i want his cock i can suck it. he lay on his back on the bed opened his legs wide and began jerking his cock off. i didn't think a second and i was all the way naked jumped on him sucked his cock until he cum. he then rimmed my ass and fingered me with his fingers until my ass was open wide. he then get his semi hard cock get it into my ass and began fucking me very quickly and as time goes his dick was getting harder and after long time session he cum in my ass, then he get on my cock and sucked it and filled his mouth with my cum. now every time we are alone we fuck each other.  

Saturday, June 12, 2010


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Friday, June 11, 2010

Brian...ever kind heart i met

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Thursday, May 27, 2010


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